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You can choose to submit:

Featured Article
Artist’s Space
Catch them young
Featured Species

Terms and Conditions:

  • All the related material should be related to Nature / Wildlife anything out of this will not be considered for publishing.
  • The submitted material should be your own and not taken from any online media. Make sure you are the owner of what you are sending to us.
  • Material submitted to us will be verified by our panel and only then be published.
  • If your submission is selected and In case your submission is not featured in the upcoming article it would be published in the later issue(s).


  • Articles / Text based content – To be in word format. Font – Arial, Size – 12, Headings and Body to be clearly defined.
  • Photos – You’re welcome to send low-res images and article pitches to our email for consideration. Once selected, you will be reached out for a higer resolution image.
  • Send your submissions to –

Our magazine has been divided into several sections. You can choose what you feel is your niche domain to submit your entries. 

Featured article – This will be a section where we expect an amazing article be it about a species, a field trip report with findings, an eco-resort who you think is ethical and should be featured, about a wildlife sanctuary / National park. Should be included with photographs.

Photographs – Here we expect photos related to Nature. Make sure you send the following along with the photograph.

  • English name of the species along with scientific name / Name of the location 
  • Location where the photo was taken
  • Photographed date

Artist’s Space – An exclusive space for all the artists who love to express their feeling through art. Submit entries with the details of the art work.

Catch them young – A section for the young ones (8 – 16 years). This will feature one young enthusiast in each of our issues. This will provide an opportunity to the young participants who might be good in their writing, photography, art, exploring…They can submit what they are good at along with details mentioned in our statutory section.

Featured species – A specific species will be chosen in each of our issues and some basic details of the same will be shared. You are most welcome to contribute!

Statutory section – All the entries will have to be attached with the following details failing which the submission will be disqualified.

  • Name of the participant
  • E-Mail address
  • Mobile phone
  • One social account profile (Instagram / Facebook / Linkedin)
  • Profession
  • A good photograph of yours – Make sure it’s with a smile 😉
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